LAPA Leased Access Programmers Association

About Us

The Leased Access Programmers Association ("LAPA") is a non profit trade organization serving it's members in two primary ways. It's first purpose is to promote the use of leased access cable TV channels as provided by the Cable Act of 1984, to provide programming of a local and general nature, to communities throughout the country and to promote the interests of individuals and companies who produce such programming.

Its secong purpose is to provide educational training, member networking support, and a host of resources most of which are not available elsewhere.

Through the collective interest of its members, LAPA will work with the Federal Communications Commission to provide clear guidelines for cable companies regarding Leased Access and their obligations thereto. LAPA will work with the cable companies to promote the use of leased access channels and remove barriers to the use of such channels.

LAPA also provides resources of information and support services for individuals and companies who produce programming, on dealing with cable companies on matters such as contracts, insurance, equipment, etc. and the business in general and the opportunities that it presents.

LAPA is positioned as the premier indie TV producers and programmers resource, and much of our strength comes from our supporting partners like,, StogTv, and YLTV.


Charlie Stogner - President

Charlie has over 50 years of media experience, including owning a number of newspapers. Charlie has had extensive political consulting experience, including some personal lobbying. With the support of other LAPers (leased access programmers) he hopes to persuade members of Congress to review FCC actions on leased access and perhaps get them to pressure the agency to adhere to the very obvious intent of the law.

Duane Polich - Vice President

Duane has 15 years of media experience including starting and owning several radio stations and as a consultant for new FM broadcast applications and allocations before the FCC. Duane is in the process of obtaining his first LPTV station in Pullman, WA and plans to operate other LPTV stations and several leased access channels.